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Hey! I'm Aditya Angelo Fernandes and I'm an artist and a vegan cheesemaker!

It was June 2020 when Bangalore was in lockdown and I couldn't get my art supplies. My creativity had to go somewhere, and my love for food led me to the kitchen. I revisited a recipe for vegan mozzarella that I'd attempted 6 years ago (when I turned vegan). With a lot of experimentation with local ingredients, India's first Vegan Mozzarella was created. Friends and family loved it so I took to social media and began selling it. The demand has been great in Bangalore and I'm grateful to be able to help people eat better and reduce the demand for dairy - one meal at a time!

Why "Angelo"?

I chose my middle name, Angelo, as it brings to mind the Italian origin of mozzarella and the brand is an extension of who I am and what I believe in!